Extraordinary sound for any headphone

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Does it just make it louder? Does it do processing on the actual signal? Website doesn't make it super clear.
I picked up a pair of the V-Moda's, and was always told I should get a Desktop Amp. Is the BoomStick something that someone like me would use? (V-modas here: )
Boomstick were mentioned in a TechCrunch article by @lucas_matney - reporting the unveiling from CES 2016. These are to give your headphones a sound quality boost! I've just forked out an arm and a leg for good headphones so I may not rush to pre-order this (until the release at least).
@bentossell Question - which ones did you get and what do you give them /10?
@mrsharma Bang and Olufsen H7 I have nothing to compare them to, so 8.5/10
The hook was intriguing, but after buying this it seemed as though it only made my earbuds louder, not really adding detail to music. It did help a bit with podcasts though.