Electronic Music Discovery Platform

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Off and on for about ten years I've been listening to house and trance music. A lot of times what draws me in is a specific song I'll randomly hear or some random clip on YouTube and then once whatever I initially heard is played out I don't know how to find more of that same vibe. I think this happens to me with electronic music the most because there are just so many DJs that pop up and it's hard to separate the the fresh from the moldy. There are lots of music discovery platform and I've even worked with a few of them. What I see as a major disadvantage to many of these kinds of platforms is that A) They don't integrate with what I'm already listening to without manual input and B) they aren't focused enough. Boomrat lets you input from your facebook so immediately it sees what kind of tunes you dig, and since it is specific to electronic music I think they've dodged those two bullets.