Boomf Bomb

A personalized card that explodes in a shower of confetti.

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Andy Bell
Here's a great video of Boomf Bomb in action: https://www.facebook.com/Boomfma...
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Pedro A. Wunderlich
@pddro · Designer, founder from Guatemala.
I absolutely love this. This is the kind of thing I'd make for my crushes in middle school. It genuinely got the reactions that you see in these gifs. The price is right and the website is pretty slick. I'll be sending a few Boomfs I'm sure.
Corey Abramowitz
@mrabramowitz · Product
Reminds me of send your enemies confetti, but nicer.
Nate Smoyer
Buying one for my wife right meow.
So fun. Well done Andy 👏
Juho S
@juhslk · All great roads go through PH
Top 3 physical product release I have seen this year (yes on the same list as Tesla Model 3). If the 5.99€ is with shipping to EU the pricing is spot on. Will definitely use this month.