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Hi Product Hunters, this is Moah from Boomerang. We're so excited to get this out to you all. A bit of the back story on how and why we made Respondable. Last September, we brought our entire team to Maui for our fall workaway. One of our projects on the workaway was to explore natural language processing and machine learning, as they can be applied to email. We experimented with a bunch of technology, found that holiday support emails are the most positive, and then went back to the office to resume working on urgent things. And we posted a job listing for a data scientist. Then, around the holidays, Chris from our marketing team came up with an inspired idea - let’s send a useful, thoughtful year-in-review email to our customers. It took us a while to build it, but if you were already a Boomerang user back in February, you may remember getting an email from us that showed a set of data-backed principles for writing effective emails. We also published the data as a blog post and you can find it here. http://blog.boomerangapp.com/201... Several dozen of our users asked if we could build a real-time version of our blog post that would apply to emails as you write them. So we decided to see if we could bring the recommendations from the data to your fingertips. Hope to hear from you all on how we can improve Respondable.
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@ayemoah Boomerang is good but it's an expensive service offering compared to others out there now. I'm finding that many saas providers are really trying to milk users with high-priced subscriptions such as boomerang. You also need to keep in mind that other possible subscriptions people have, i personally have around 20 minimum so far and counting, for mear functionality as this, it really should cost 'a couple of bucks' not the price of a CRM.
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@ayemoah holy crap this is awesome!! 😮 Does it work with Inbox or just regular Gmail?
@ayemoah video says it works on outlook? Not seeing that...
@daniel_taibleson Hey Daniel, you can download Boomerang for Outlook (with Respondable) here: http://www.boomerangoutlook.com/...
@joshmuccio thank you! Just regular gmail for now. We're working on porting it over to Inbox.
I was using the original Boomerang for Gmail in college to send emails at 9AM while instead I would type those emails after coming back home at 3AM, recovering from a night partying, and didn't want to look shady.. Then I randomly met Alex, founder/CEO of Boomerang at a conference in Colorado and told him how his platform saved my a$$ a couple of times. And now this is released and I'm in love. Moral of the story: If you like cake, you might also like pancakes.
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@orliesaurus Hahaha, good to hear from you! Thanks for the kind words.
This is a super interesting space. We'll see more AI and technology used to facilitate communication. Already, much of our conversation and the way we interact with people is digital (through our phones and computers) and as we begin to see the world through an augmented lens, we'll see a version of Boomerang Respondable in our IRL conversations, too. In some ways this is depressing but I'm an optimist. 😊
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@rrhoover Boomerang questions whether the value of struggling to become good at writing emails is greater than the value of successful emails with ease and if we lose a portion of ourselves each time we over-edit.
@rrhoover I'm a bit biased, but I'm fully in the camp that says communicating as well as possible is a desirable thing!
@awmoore @rrhoover Humanity has spent significant time and effort developing communication protocols and platforms while advancing both. One could argue that a person that simply reads more often views the world in an augmented way. (And incidentally might become a better communicator for it). I think what the folks at Boomerang are doing is fast tracking everyone to this end. Optimist as well, and betting this helps :)
@niket Niket! I wouldn't have ever thought to put it that way, but yeah. That!
Does this work for Google inbox as well?
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@sai_yeluru Sorry, not yet. We haven't ported Boomerang to Inbox.
@ayemoah is that on the roadmap in the near future?
@ayemoah That's fine - looking forward to that though. Rarely use Gmail anymore because of inbox.
@ayemoah @sai_yeluru This is super exciting, however I'm in the same boat, I use inbox 100% of the time now, please port as fast you guys can, great work btw!
How could you not love using AI to write better emails?
@quan Lack of authenticity maybe. Just spitballing
@evankimbrell How writing assistant AI could steal your creativity? @quan How could someone hate it? haha
@igor_scherer @quan People like getting messages from real people. Not robots. They're inauthentic
@evankimbrell @quan It's just a tool, you know that you actually can erase, add and evaluate what you are writing, right?
@igor_scherer @evankimbrell @quan Yup, we don't write the emails for you. You are still the ones writing whatever you send. We just give you real time analysis as you're writing.