Boomerang Premium

Schedule email to be sent later, now w/ Premium features

the premium plan just seems like a super expensive jump to me. $30 or $50 a month is a massive amount for most; especially those that were complaining that $15 a month was too much. The Boomerang Toolbox certainly looks like an interesting development though; I wish they shared a link to the page showing what all the available scripts were.
Yeah, I agree. At $15/month it's worth it to me and I use it every day, so I feel bad complaining about the cost. But the comparison my mind makes is to the cost of ALL of google apps, and that's only ~$5/month. $50/month seems nuts, even though I love the product.
$30-50/mo is going to keep me from moving out of the freemium sphere and into something paid. When it was less, there was more of a chance that I'd upgrade to paid but I haven't had a reason to use it frequently recently.