Boomerang for Gmail

The ultimate toolbox to control sending/receiving emails

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2 Reviews5.0/5
I tell any company that I advise to straight away install this and Rapportive. Absolutely essential for individual's email management. Key features: - "send later" function : easily schedule a time for an email to be sent - "Return Conversation to Inbox" button: archives an email and then returns it to your inbox at a date that you define, optionally if the person hasn't responded - "boomerang this if no reply" : it bumps the email back to the top of your inbox if the other person doesn't reply by a set date/time ultimate tool for managing inbox zero. pro tips are that it has good language recognition. In the date box you can type complex stuff like: Wednesday 4pm GMT and it will understand it and convert it into your local timezone.
It blows my mind how Google hasn't bought/built Boomerang yet. They were prescient enough to pick up Sparrow. Maybe Boomerang doesn't have the numbers to justify it? That would seem false to me given how many people I know use Boomerang. I love Boomerang but it bums me out that $15/month is too pricey for my tastes right now. (For the uninitiated: Boomerang is free for addresses but $15/month for Apps accounts). I'm in the un-sweet spot where I'd love more than 15 delayed emails/month on my Prime email address but I have Mailbox on my phone which has set the precedent for this being a free feature — I honestly just delay emails via Mailbox once I hit my limit in Boomerang.
I cant imagine working without this. Its definitely helped me compartmentalize reminders on things I need to get done.
I installed Streak about two months ago and it's incredible – has Boomerang and canned response functionality as well as its core CRM. Life changing. :)
@katekendall I used to be a hardcore home rang user, but streak offers so much more and there's no send limit in the free account 😀