Boomerang for iPhone

Email app + voice assistant from inventors of email snooze

Boomerang, the most-used extension for Gmail and Outlook, comes to the iPhone with its new email app! Use it for email, plus use your voice to get a morning briefing, reschedule meetings, find addresses and phone numbers, delete marketing email and more. Plus new gestures, new search features, and everything folks love from Boomerang on the web.

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Hi folks, Moah from Boomerang here. Pretty excited to share what we've been working on for the past year. Love to hear what you all think.
@ayemoah You guys did it again! Congrats to Boomerand team :)

They can release for the iPhone but I still can’t use it on Apple mail. I’m sad because I want it that badly because it’s that good.


It’s an incredible and powerful tool


It does not work with Apple mail. I’m completely integrated to the Apple ecosystem and I can’t use Boomerang

iCloud support is something we'd love to add soon.
This looks incredible! Huge applause to the team who put it together! One request: When I open the app and signup, I see I have over 4,000 unread emails. That's due to the promotions/social tab in Gmail which I barely ever check. When you get support in there for those tabs this will be a real winner.
@andreaskam Hi Andreas, you're right. The Gmail tabs is one of the next features we're adding in the upcoming releases. Thanks for trying it out.
@andreaskam agreed, can't really use it as a main email app before then because the notifications and counter are off. Will still use it for the oldschool boomerang features though :). Also, would be great to get the briefing without voice commands, especially since it often doesn't recognize any of my words (i'm on 8 Plus).
@andreaskam @chris_nolte Try 3D touching the app icon; you might like what you see!
@ayemoah Super. Until then I can’t use either

I would like one place to go for unread emails for all accounts and for Brief Me too include info from all accounts.


Pause, schedule and brief me


Single interface for all accounts

Hi Scott. Thanks for your feedback! We are looking into Unified Inbox Support. It's especially tricky with Brief me for performance reasons but hopefully we can support it.
Great looking app only thing stopping me is lack of iCloud support. Will that be coming ?
@lbrkr We'd love to add iCloud support soon.