An app to ensure nothing gets lost in language translation

Boomerang is an iOS app that allows you to translate your text and see that translated back. It leverages Google Translate to provide translations between over 100 languages.

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We made a quirky little app inspired by the "Google Translate Songs" bit from the Tonight Show. It's called Boomerang and it takes text and translates it from one language to another, then back again. This allows you to sort of double check translations before using them. It's useful for quick translations or pure comedy when used with some language combos like English to Hawaiian which are often hilariously incorrect. It's available on the App Store today.
Very excited to launch Boomerang: Double-check Translations with @ishabazz yesterday/today. I worked on designing the interface and Ish coded. I love a lot about our app. I love that you can do translations with it, I love that you can check that your translation is correct, and I love that you often get purely funny results. Try translating "The soup is awesome" from English to Hawaiian. The app is free to download and available for iPhone. You can follow and tweet any cool boomerangs on Twitter at @BoomerangCheck. If you want to read more about it, check out Ish's blog post at
Great idea!
Because "To kill two birds with one stone", in French, is just wrong haha