BoomBoom Prints

Empowering Artists to Sell Their Designs to Moms

Love the vertical focus on this service.
BoomBoom Prints is a platform that unites independent artists and moms, while taking care of everything artists hate- fulfillment, shipping and customer service. We're so excited to part of the ProductHunt community! This site is too cool.
@eva_c_dixon Tell us how you solved the two sided marketplace problem in this niche?
@BlendahTom We definitely had the "chicken or the egg problem". We decided to start with artists- we figured if they like us, they'll become advocates to help brings moms to the site!
@eva_c_dixon wow very cool. What is the craziest creation that has been commissioned on the platform?
@BlendahTom Hmm... I don't know about the craziest. To be honest, I have been super impressed by the quality and creativity of the artwork that has come to our site. There are so many artists on the site that I absolutely love!
@blendahTom All of our artists are cool, EricFan has some out there stuff I like a lot. The cool thing is you, @eva_c_dixon, or anyone else can find something that speaks to them!