Boom for iOS

A music player for your iPhone with magical 3D sound

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I'm kind of disappointed by the pricing strategy. Makes it look like the product is free, but only for 5 days actually.
Guruprasad KamathMaker@gpkamath · Director of Marketing, @GlobalDelight
@mauriz Hello Maurice. We want people to experience it first before committing to a purchase. If we make it a paid app from the outset, it prevents those who are really interested in the app from enjoying it :)
Matt GalliganPro@mg · CEO & Co-founder Picks & Shovels
@mauriz Until demos are available in the App Store this feels like a pretty fair way of doing things.
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Boom for Mac is a must-download. Curious if it has the same "wow" effect on iOS. Will try it out.
Guruprasad KamathMaker@gpkamath · Director of Marketing, @GlobalDelight
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! We think it has the same "wow" effect because we are bringing 5.1 virtual surround sound experience on any headphones! Try it and you'll like it :)
TonHunter@t55 · Mac'aholic
Oh boy, I've been betatesting this thing for some time now, and it's probably the coolest sound-upgrade your iPhone /iPad can get. Songs sound gorgeous. Your music library will turn into a feast for your ears. And it looks great too!
Stephen M. Levinson@stephenmarklevi · Design @Vimeo @Cameo
I have this on my mac. It's gold. But on my iPhone, most of my my songs aren't local to my device. They're in spotify. But playing with my local files, this is pretty good. It's just like my desktop Boom. The surround sound is my favorite feature. But I'm pretty happy with Spotify's equalizer for my music commute. I do most listening on my computer and I have boom there.
Guruprasad KamathMaker@gpkamath · Director of Marketing, @GlobalDelight
@stephenmarklevi We're looking to add Spotify integration soon. Do follow us on Twitter (@boomapp) to be updated.
Would kill for this to work on Spotify for iPhone.