Boom 3D

Audio enhancer with 3D surround sound

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Global Delight is back with their next iteration on Boom 2, my favorite sound enhancer for Mac. The app's undergone a big redesign, and now allows you to control the output volume of individual apps: The most significant feature of Boom 3D "is the patent-pending 3D Surround Sound technology, offering an immersive virtual surround sound experience that is realistic, captivating and works on any headset." You can grab a trial from their website. Shit is dope.
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@chrismessina boom is the best thing for sound! they're algorithm is amazing
@johny_pereira @chrismessina yep, they've been doing great work.
I used to use Boom 2, but I'd occasionally have problems (no sound etc). And after not being able to get my sound to work during a couple important google hangouts, I uninstalled it. Seeing this is giving me FOMO. Anyone else have same issues? I'd like to use it again. But, meetings! Or should I stop having meetings?
@mscccc I had this issue once in a while, just had to option+click my sound icon and switch to default.
@mscccc Hi Mike, before starting a Hangout session, we suggest you to quit and relaunch the Hangout browser/app. Now, please ensure that Boom 2/3D is already launched. Next, start with the hangout session. Here, you will find a Settings icon in the top right side. Once clicked, you will see options to change the Speakers. Choose BoomAudio under the same and it should work. Hope that helps.
@mscccc Had this problem with internet radio and normal output. Stuttered and warbled. Bad enough I stopped using it.
@mscccc Had a lot of issues with Boom 2. When it worked, it was awesome. But too unreliable to keep. Uninstalled. :-(
I first tried out Boom 3D when Global Delight were holding their beta-test and it totally blew me away. The difference was palpable. Great job on the launch and best of luck going forward!
Alright I just connected my Airpods to my Macbook with Boom3D and cranked up the 3D intensity. Massive improvement to the music listening experience around the house (keeping the freedom of movement with Spotify on Apple Watch). A+! I was skeptical and didn't buy the first version of the app, but this is great.
Just tried the Trial version, mind blown. 😍 Listening to music without Boom 3D is dull now. Will buy it for sure after the trial. Few suggestions: 1. Current Single User plan is priced for 2 Macs, make a plan for 1 Mac, and price it around $10 or so. 2. Provide Apps Volume Controller even when Boom 3D is turned off. 3. Allow turning on Boom 3D for specific apps. I want it just for Spotify, and Apple Music, I prefer unaltered audio from Google Chrome. I'll be the happiest if you add these features. Thanks for this app. πŸ’―πŸ”₯
@anirudhmurali Psst... the current Indian price is β‚Ή669.33 (~$10) πŸ˜‰
@arunpattnaik Thanks for letting me know. Just bought! πŸ˜„