Boom 2

System-wide volume booster and equalizer for mac

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I've never experienced an installation process pump me up.... until now. That alone is worth the download.
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@rrhoover As someone who designed this onboarding and also someone who makes sure to read up on your latest understanding of product design, Thank you so much. I am going to mention this on my CV.
@royaniket nice! Great work, Aniket. :)
Wow. I have some pretty nice (imo) headphones - Bose QC15 and they sound way way way better after installing this app. Incredible!
@aub Don't have the headphones but overall quality is definitely improved.
@aub same. whoa this is cool. onboarding is maybe the best ive seen on a mac app
We have bet running at Global Delight: Would the product delight user more or the installation/on-boarding process? Looks like a tight tie at the moment! Insanely Proud of Boom 2 :)
Big boom fan over here! :)
The shit for boosting popcorn time low audio movies