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I'm always interested in products that promise to do less than competitors. Often there can be a benefit to having that narrower focus. I wonder how the team at Boolean see this? What are the advantages of using this with the limited yes/no only questions over other surveying tools?
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@fredrivett The main idea behind Boolean is to ask the most important feedback question about a product/service to a user. For e.g. an e-commerce company could ask - "Did you like the ordering experience with us?". The answer to this question will give massive indication of whether the user will return. Boolean also has a "segmentation" feature which can be used to find probable reason for negative feedback.
@fredrivett throwing out into the fold :)
@gogaxxe Cool, thanks for the response Ranjith. Hope your launch goes well and all the best with this product 👍
Thanks for the hunt @dr Great to be featured here! Boolean is an attempt to make feedback surveys easier for everyone. Traditional feedback surveys suck because they are too long and get less responses. In Boolean surveys you ask just one question. You can ask the most important feedback question about your product/service. The survey format consists of one question and two predetermined answers. Surveys are sent by email. Recipients can respond by clicking on one of the answers from within their inbox. Our vision is to enable organisations improve their product/service by talking to their users directly.
Great looking site and I've requested early access looking forward to using this.
@bengreenwood Thanks Ben! Looking forward to your feedback.
This looks great but.. Really? 5$ per 100 emails?
@grmmph If you have a lot of twitter followers you can always Use Twitter Polls.
@grmmph Thanks for the feedback on price. Can you give me an indication of how much you will pay for such a service?