Organize notes from books you read

#4 Product of the DayDecember 29, 2019
Booky lets you better organize knowledge from books you read.
Just open Booky, snap a photo of the page and highlight any phrase.
Booky automatically syncs with your Goodreads shelf and all notes you take are later searchable so it's easier to find them.
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Hi folks, I'm the maker of Book :) I'm here to answer all the questions you might have about the app and its roadmap.
Cool idea. Any plans for android version?
@cupojoseph Joseph, I’d love to build Android version soon but the timeline for that mostly depends on how well this app is adopted on iOS in the next few weeks :( After I get the app to the stage where most users are pleased with the design and features, I’ll get to the Android version ASAP.
Great UI/UX and Onboarding! As an avid reader, I've always wanted something like this to help me remember what I read more easily. Small thing to note *pun intended*, seems like the notes counter is not updating after adding one. Thanks!
@wilbert_abreu Thanks for the feedback and reporting that bug :) Will take care of it in the next update 🙌 That would be great to hear more of your feedback after a few days of using it 🙏
Great idea and execution! I'm reading a book which appears in the app. Is there a way to add it manually?
@thezaguri Hi Tal, is the book you're reading visible on Goodreads? If yes, you can tap 'plus' sign on the main screen and search for the book.
I took a picture of a book but the app crashed. I’m using iPhone 6s. Hope you can fix this because if the text recognition is really good I will have use for this app.
@elias_lankinen Hi Elias, thanks a lot for letting me know. App update with the fix will be available in the next few days :)