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Given how Amazon has done little to improve Goodreads since the acquisition in 2013, I sincerely hope competing services will push the space forward. So much untapped potential around tribes of people connected around books. Good luck BookTribes!
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Thanks @nireyal for hunting us! We built BookTribes as a way for fellow book nerds to discuss books they love with fellow fans. We believe that behind every great book is a community of fans who love it, and book tribes are where they can come together and learn from each other. If you ever found yourself reading a book, and wanting to discuss it with someone, this service is totally built for you!
Awesome! I immediately gravitate towards people who swear by the same books. Tribe for sure. 🤓
Got to play with an early beta of this app. This is what Goodreads should have been. Not only is a place to keep track of what you've read and reading, but facilitates discussion around books and highlights from books. The most engaging app I've seen in the book space.
@shanev thanks man!
Love this concept! Bummed it's not available for Android. I'm always surprised (errr, surprised-not-surprised) when a service launches on iOS only. Depending on where you look, Android has 85% share. Good luck!
@davemorse Thanks Dave! We would love to do Android at some point! Our first priority is to invest in the product before increasing the number of platforms to support.