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#2 Product of the WeekJune 17, 2015


  • stanislas LVChief Magic Officer

    Link and App dead


    Link and App dead

    The Product is dead (

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ClémentMaker@clemkn · Co-founder, Nalyze
Hi Product Hunters! 😄 I’m the maker of Bookstck, a curated bookshelf made by entrepreneurs like Marc Andreessen, Mark Zuckerberg, Peter Thiel and more…! I built Bookstck because I’ve always wondered what books amazing entrepreneurs have in their bookshelf. Moreover, I used to read : - News like « X books recommended by Y » - Book recommendations from @pmarca - Quora posts like « What books are on Z’s reading list? » So, a few days ago, I decided to gather all these recommendations in one simple product. Feel free to ask and to share in the comments book recommendations from startup founders :) Tip: Use our magic function to discover new books 👉 here
Kamil@kamilszybalski · Growth Entrepreneur. Was @Hootsuitelabs
@clemkn Very cool Clement. I emailed you re: our Shelfie app, lets chat!
Rish@rish_says · Ex-CEO & Founder @letsintern | Stanford
@clemkn This is awesome, we all read almost all such lists. and have discovered some priceless gems like only paranoid survive and business adventures through such lists.
Libor Vašíček@liborvasicek · / co-founder
simple, nice :). btw, this "recommendations-by-famous" idea would be definitely easily scalable into other niches. Like e.g. Famous Marketers Book List / Doctors.../ Attorneys ... / Actors ...
ClémentMaker@clemkn · Co-founder, Nalyze
@liborvasicek shh!! Do not share our plan to conquer the world 😂Thanks!
Nick Coates@gadgick · Building little web products to 🚀
Nice work @Clemkn ! Love the design and presentation!! Are you planning to allow users to submit suggestions?
ClémentMaker@clemkn · Co-founder, Nalyze
@nickcoates_ Thx! It's on the roadmap :)
Rish@rish_says · Ex-CEO & Founder @letsintern | Stanford
@clemkn @nickcoates_ I would love that too - as a tech entrepreneur for 4 years, have got a little reading list of my own to share :)
Xavier Prosper@xavierprosper · Student
Good job @clemkn ! "Zero to one" bought thanks to you ;)
ClémentMaker@clemkn · Co-founder, Nalyze
@xavierprosper Excellent choice! Peter Thiel upvotes 👍
David McGraw@xmcgraw · Founder • Builder • U.S. Marine Veteran
@xavierprosper You'll love it! What a fantastic book.
Rish@rish_says · Ex-CEO & Founder @letsintern | Stanford
@xavierprosper Thats a great book, but Hackers and Painters, and Hard things about hard things are great additional readings once you down this road.
Walter Reid@walterareid · Product
This was incredibly well put together and an exceptionally useful resource. Thanks for sharing!