A curated bookshelf (+100 books) made by entrepreneurs

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Hi Product Hunters! 😄 I’m the maker of Bookstck, a curated bookshelf made by entrepreneurs like Marc Andreessen, Mark Zuckerberg, Peter Thiel and more…! I built Bookstck because I’ve always wondered what books amazing entrepreneurs have in their bookshelf. Moreover, I used to read : - News like « X books recommended by Y » - Book recommendations from @pmarca - Quora posts like « What books are on Z’s reading list? » So, a few days ago, I decided to gather all these recommendations in one simple product. Feel free to ask and to share in the comments book recommendations from startup founders :) Tip: Use our magic function to discover new books 👉 here
@clemkn Very cool Clement. I emailed you re: our Shelfie app, lets chat!
@clemkn This is awesome, we all read almost all such lists. and have discovered some priceless gems like only paranoid survive and business adventures through such lists.
simple, nice :). btw, this "recommendations-by-famous" idea would be definitely easily scalable into other niches. Like e.g. Famous Marketers Book List / Doctors.../ Attorneys ... / Actors ...
@liborvasicek shh!! Do not share our plan to conquer the world 😂Thanks!
Nice work @Clemkn ! Love the design and presentation!! Are you planning to allow users to submit suggestions?
@nickcoates_ Thx! It's on the roadmap :)
@clemkn @nickcoates_ I would love that too - as a tech entrepreneur for 4 years, have got a little reading list of my own to share :)
Good job @clemkn ! "Zero to one" bought thanks to you ;)
@xavierprosper Excellent choice! Peter Thiel upvotes 👍
@xavierprosper You'll love it! What a fantastic book.
@xavierprosper Thats a great book, but Hackers and Painters, and Hard things about hard things are great additional readings once you down this road.
This was incredibly well put together and an exceptionally useful resource. Thanks for sharing!