Play M4B/M4A/MP3 audiobooks on iPhone

BookPlayer is a wonderful player for your M4B/M4A/MP3 based audiobooks. You can easily import files via AirDrop or from other apps & manage books and playlists.

The player adopts to the cover colors and uses simple gestures to control playback. Chapters & a sleep timer are available, too.

BookPlayer is free and Open Source!

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Wonderful product but when creating a playlist, I am not able to add files after a certain amount. Also, the app occasionally crashes when I am importing files
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@somtougeh we're working on some fixes for the next patch (3.0.1) that include some crashes when importing files, thanks for the feedback 👌
That's interesting, can you also sync it with your iBooks and Audibles somehow?
@guillaumebardet BookPlayer provides three ways of importing books: 1.- iTunes file sharing 2.- Airdrop 3.- From apps that make available their files for other apps to import Unfortunately, iBooks and Audible don't provide their files to other apps. But, you can extract them via iTunes and import them to BookPlayer in whichever of the three ways you feel more comfortable. One thing to keep in mind, Audible files have .aax extension, which means they are DRM protected, there are ways to remove this protection if you are the owner, and then you can use those files freely
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That's what I figured @gcarlo89, I wish they would let us easily import them it would really make this app perfect. :) Wishing you the best regardless!
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I use both Audible and Scribd on iPhone. What are the things I can do better with BookPlayer comparing to native Audible and Scribd app?
@kzynakamura You can airdrop audio files from your laptop to the phone.
Android planned? Please tell me so, this app seems AWESOME (especially interested in the visual UX, speeding up, and knowing which chapter I'm in), and there's not great options in the droid market!
@camila_rubio_varon both UX and code are tailored to iOS. Creating an Android app is possible, but not our main focus right now. If an Android developer is reading this: join us in creating a sibling project! I‘d be happy to provide the UI design and UX that fits the Material system.
It crashes when I add many mp3 files. Adding from any drive on the phone doesn't make any sense - files are imported in some strange order and ordering one file after another is A LOT of work. You can delete files only one by one and not the whole book. If you add the ability to import and create playlists from zips it will be a very nice feature. Other two apps in this category are not free, with a lot of bugs and have an ugly design.
@dickensons we plan to improve importing large amounts of files in an upcoming version. This includes asking for a playlist where to put the files, support for sorting after import and other things, see our Roadmap for details. Could you tell me how many files you tried to add at once when you experienced the crash? We tried with 150 files or so for our tests. We recommend using free software to convert MP3 based audiobooks into the more manageable M4B format for now. See our wiki for details This makes the files easier to organize and still gives you access to chapter navigation.
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@pichfl Thank you, it worked with M4B format! Listening to my first book with your app!
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