$8.99 per month for access to 500 000 books

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If you sign up with Facebook and give them permission to post, they'll post to your wall that you created an account. Not cool.
@stan Oh I hate that. Thanks for the warning
Beautiful design, but what's the difference from Oyster, which recently shut down? Seems like a difficult industry to be in, kind of like the music industry and having to work with labels. Also, I can get any books for free through the library. I'd be more interested in an audiobook subscription; I've recently gotten into listening to podcasts at 2x speed. Would love to do the same with audiobooks but don't have the money to buy individual books through Audible.
@tmzier Audible has a subscription. So does Scribd, where the subscription encompasses audiobooks, regular books, and comics.
I was going to post Bookmate into the Tech section, but it seems more applicable for book readers.
@hazzajay let's get it up in tech :)