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This is something the reader in me wants. A platform where I can check what my friends read. Curious to see where this will be heading.
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@t55 Thank you for hunting us! Being v1.0, our app is still a little rough around the edges, so we are relying on feedback from our users to direct the direction we head in :)
absolutely. we launched the product hunt book club last week and would love to incorporate this somehow in the future. @meidlin - congrats on the launch! what inspired the building of this?
@eriktorenberg Thank you! Would absolutely love to chat about how we can incorporate the PH book club in there as well. We have a few ideas :) At UC Davis, I realized I was learning more from the books I read outside of class: Lean Startup, GTD, Zen & Motorcycle, instead of my Economics lectures. Understanding the impact books have had on my life, I wanted to know what my influencers such as Elon Musk, Sophia Amoruso, Bobby Hundreds read. You can't necessarily send them an email asking them about their book suggestions, but if you're lucky they might post a book suggestion on Twitter, or their blog. Still, that was too inconsistent and difficult. I figured we'd make the platform where they can easily share their book suggestions! Just how you can view peoples' lives through pictures on Instagram, we want to provide a platform where you can connect with your friends and influencers over books.
Thank you for hunting us @t55! We launched v1.0 a few days ago, and as expected, still a little rough around the edges. A few bugs that we are aware of. We're releasing an updated version every 8 days (app store review, bleh). In the mean time, would love your feedback, comments, rants, love! If you have a goodreads account, try our import feature! We hope that this helps reduce the friction for you to try our platform :)
seems like a hard sell to get people to switch over from Goodreads
@nine_u Goodreads definitely has a very established and cemented community. That said, we believe their focus is to connect authors to readers, while we'd like to focus on connecting readers to readers. We've also implemented a button to import your Goodreads' library, to reduce that friction to switch over. Goodreads users can at least try our product with minimal friction as we improve it! :)
@nine_u Agreed, though goodreads is horribly clunky. If it wasn't Amazon owned, I believe someone else would easily be able to take their crown.
@schlomo definitely clunky. i've never felt like they've succeeded in getting authors to connect with me. i mostly just use it to see what my friends are reading and to document my own reading.
@nine_u just wanted to follow up on this - we recently came back from Book Expo America, in which we actually tested this value prop... AKA - "would you like to know what your favorite authors are reading?" We got an overwhelmingly positive reaction to this. We believe the design and flow of our app allows for a user to see what books their authors are reading, have reviewed, etc. a lot easier.. and as a result, we create a free marketing channel for them, allowing them to connect with their fans. A problem two NYT best seller authors have exhibited to me. We might be onto something :)
@meidlin smart to include the ability to import from Goodreads so early on. Excited to spend some time with the app since I've been asking friends/colleagues for book recommendations fairly often recently.