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I'd buy the Pro if you had Payapl
@kfom I would too... FWIW as someone with a UK bank account it costs me another $6 in bank fees to buy it,
@wheelerjustin @kfom Thanks for the feedback! Paypal as been added as a payment option.
@drlynam I have been waiting literally three full years for somebody to build this. THANK YOU. Paid for Pro instantaneously.
@trammel Awesome! Thanks for signing up, there's more features to come!
Thanks @_jacksmith for hunting! Hi Product Hunters! I'm Dave, the creator of BookmarkOS. BookmarkOS is an online desktop for organizing, sorting, and browsing your bookmarks. How this product came to be is that over time my Chrome bookmarks became so cluttered that I stopped using them and began dragging urls to my desktop. This worked well as I was able to leverage the GUI of my mac to keep them organized and sorted. I though to myself, hey, I could build this in the browser, so I did! Using a GUI with folders and screenshot icons is an experience that leverages the potential value of your bookmarks in new ways. For example, can't find a bookmark you opened last week? Click 'View all' and sort by last opened. Also, for me, it's easier to find a bookmark by visualizing where it is versus having to guess with search or tags. And browsing my bookmarks on BookmarkOS is a new habit that I never did before. I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the site! Cheers, Dave
Hi @drlynam, interesting tool. I always struggled with bookmarks as well, but I was just wondering how your product differs from the new version of the Chrome Bookmarks manager, which seems pretty cool too. I have folders, I have list view (and it's free) so I was just wondering why a user would need to switch to a different bookmarks manager. Thanks.
@pezzin Thanks for your question! To clarify, which new version are you referring to? I know there was a recent version that was slated for removal last June
@drlynam By "new version" I mean this extension, which is officially provided by Google and it's really much better than the default bookmark manager: Once you added it, you can visit chrome://bookmarks or via the menu Bookmarks > Bookmark manager or CTRL+Shift+O to launch it. Give it a try! :)
Perfect concept! But I need iOS share extension and safari extension to bookmark some new pages.
@dirtylooptheory Thanks for the feedback! These features are on the roadmap!
looks nice, great work ! What i'm missing: Browser extension (Safari) and iOS Share extension to easily bookmark new pages (like Raindrop)
@afischzh Thanks! Yep, browser extensions are in the works, but a bookmarklet is available. Bookmark importing works though! You can import from any of the common services (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Delicious, Diigo, etc...)
I'm still wondering what the main advantages are compared to chrome's built in bookmark manager as well the extension mentioned by @pezzin
@olekeding @pezzin It's a good question. For me, it's the overall experience and design. I like having the screenshot icons in icon view for visual references and the sizing/spacing makes it easier to use. Another great feature is sorting. You can sort any folder along with 'view all' and search results. An example use case is finding a bookmark that you opened last week by clicking 'view all' and sorting by last opened or maybe you recently tagged something and can't remember what it was, you could search that tag and sort by date created. And then having it website based has some advantages. I like being able to easily access the site on my phone and it will make sharing much easier. Then there's smaller things that the Chrome manager doesn't have like tags, notes, domains listed, etc... Hope that helps clarify why I like it! I think I need to change the tag line to convey all of this better. I'm thinking something like, 'A desktop experience for your bookmarks.'
@drlynam Will give it a try - these points make sense