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#4 Product of the DayAugust 29, 2018
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Hey PH,

I'm Miguel a Software Developer and I want to show you my first completed side project that I've been working in the past days. It is an extension that lets you create awesome bookmarks on Youtube videos while showing you the best part of videos.

Hope you like it <3, all comments are welcome!

  • Keenan Milligan
    Keenan MilliganJust floating around the internet

    Easy to install, navigate and easy to use shortcuts



    I can totally see a use for this within DJ sets or festivals, I'm constantly navigating hour long videos to find songs I like but now I can just bookmark them and click on them at anytime.

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  • Tech KT
    Tech KTDevelopers Reach me for a product review



    None, Till now

    I fell in love with this tool, the moment I saw the demo video.

    All the best Miguel. Good job.

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Owen Far
Owen Far@owenfar1 · Master Web Development
Interesting take on video "bookmarks" 🙂 First time I see this idea implemented on its own. Could be very useful for those who watch a lot of YouTube videos and want to get back to a specific section of the video. Some feedback: 1) Would love to see a clearer explanation on the landing page. Something similar as the video you dropped on PH could already give a clearer understanding of the intent use of your product. 2) Primary domain could be shorter, so it's easily accessible without having to type a long URL to get to the bookmarks - although I'm not sure if you have a web environment to access the bookmarks. Is it only via a chrome extension? What if I use Safari or Firefox? 3) The name Bookmark It can be a bit misleading if you're trying to explain this product to someone who's familiar with bookmarks (speaking from experience). What if you take a different take on the name "bookmark" and make invent your own name like TubeMarks or VideoMarks etc.. Anyways, well done for your first side-project! Keep it up.
Abadesi@abadesi · Head of Maker Outreach at Product Hunt
Thanks for hunting! Why do you prefer making bookmarks on YouTube vs creating playlists? @miguel_crespo
Ekansh Srivastva
Ekansh Srivastva@ekansh_srivastva · Traveller, Learner, New in the game
Hey, Awesome thing man. I always pause my youtube videos in between for some work and forget to play them afterwards. Thanks for making this. All the best :)
Alexander Smekhov
Alexander Smekhov@asmekhov · Managing Director
Quite convinient, I always find smth usefull in huge videos on youtube and forget where I can find it
Orlando Lieberum
Orlando Lieberum@orlando_lieberum · COO of Nearest!
very useful for marking up particular parts I like to watch again