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Bookman is for those that like to read a lot and want a way to keep reading with discipline but don't have time to sit with a book.

After signing up and uploading your ebook, you get snippets from the book via emails. You can click on the “Read more” button to get the next snippet.


  • Belle Balace
    Belle BalaceOn the lookout for new apps and books

    I love how the free book part and how Bookman will email me the next chapter.


    It would be nice if the emails I received would be more neat-looking and organized.

    As a book lover, I look forward to using this more. Product is great. The email part needs a little bit of improvement.

    Belle Balace has used this product for one day.
  • Sergio Mattei
    Sergio MatteiStudent maker and founder

    Great product, excellent for reading books.



    Great work, Jean!

    Sergio Mattei has used this product for one day.
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Petros Dertsakyan
Petros Dertsakyan@deleted-1376147
Jean-Philippe FONG
Jean-Philippe FONGMaker@jean_philippe_fong
@petros Hope it will serve you right!
Abadesi@abadesi · Co-founder, Elpha
Thanks for hunting @jean_philippe_fong how does the app determine the length of the snippets?
Jean-Philippe FONG
Jean-Philippe FONGMaker@jean_philippe_fong
Hello @abadesi, epub file are divided by sections, each email will contains one section :)
Jean-Philippe FONG
Jean-Philippe FONGMaker@jean_philippe_fong
I've built Bookman for myself using my favorite framework VueJs ;) But then, I've transformed it into a product. Hope you'll like it. I like to read but I'm not able to always carry a book or iPad. Email is the most convenient way for me.
Manu@manuelmoreale · Designer and Developer
@jean_philippe_fong Genuine question: If you're not always able to carry an ipad or a book with you, I guess you'll then read the email on the phone. And since you have a phone, can't you just read the book on the phone? I'm also curious about another aspect. How does this work in terms of copyrights? Are people allowed to upload a book on a 3rd party service? Anyway, the idea is very nice and the site very well made. Pricing is also more than reasonable. Wish you all the best ;)
Jean-Philippe FONG
Jean-Philippe FONGMaker@jean_philippe_fong
@manuelmoreale At work, I can't regularly check my phone so I can't read on my phone. Instead, I'm safe if I read on my laptop ;) About your second question, there's no sharing of books so I believe it's ok, you can upload an epub file on a reader in order to read. Thanks for the compliment, I'm still working on my design skills :)
Raphaël Chabaud
Raphaël Chabaud@raphael_chabaud
it exist with telegram bot as well