Make America Read Again πŸ“–

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Reading the highlights here make me feel smart! Way better use of my time than reading my FB feed. :)
@suyuen indeed -- love reading the good parts over a smart friend's shoulder :-)
Hey guys! Ming here. We built Booklights because we read a lot of great books, and we always wanted a way to do much more with what we read, instead of being excited for one second, then just forgetting about it like college textbooks. :D By sharing highlights of our learnings it helped us remember and actualize what we read, while helping our friends and followers easily track what we are reading. On the larger picture, we feel that books have largely been neglected in the mainstream tech and culture narrative, and there is the prevailing notion that people do not read anymore, and that they dont have the attention span. Innovation and investment has been largely in the ephemeral and video spaces. On our end, we continue to see books thriving in our networks and we continue to be amazed at the transformative power books can have on someone's mental model and perspective. As such, we want to do our part to help make it easier for book lovers to share their love for books and to connect with one another. We aim to make reading an activity that is as widely shared as game of thrones. ;) Here are some of my highlights from recent books I have read: Nir Eyal's Hooked: Kamal Ravikant's Rebirth: The rest of my books here: Thanks for all the amazing support guys - we are just getting started in this space, and any feedback, help or encouragement is greatly appreciated!
I usually write notes when I read. I'd love to share my favorite snippets. I'll have to check this out. πŸ“š
Have been playing with Booklights for the past few days and it's like the a really smart Twitter feed full of interesting ideas. They've nailed the "do one thing really well" and I definitely want to see where they go next with it!
shout out to @chrismessina for the hunt! Thanks so much for introducing us to this awesome community. Really looking forward to hearing what people think.