Make America Read Again 📖


SuYuen Chin
@suyuen · Co-founder, MomoCentral.com
Reading the highlights here make me feel smart! Way better use of my time than reading my FB feed. :)
@onambiguity · I make stuff for people
Hey guys! Ming here. We built Booklights because we read a lot of great books, and we always wanted a way to do much more with what we read, instead of being excited for one second, then just forgetting about it like college textbooks. :D By sharing highlights of our learnings it helped us remember and actualize what we read, while helping our friends and … See more
Gabriel Lewis
@gabriel__lewis · 🤔
I usually write notes when I read. I'd love to share my favorite snippets. I'll have to check this out. 📚
Jason Shen
@jasonshen · Product Manager, Etsy
Have been playing with Booklights for the past few days and it's like the a really smart Twitter feed full of interesting ideas. They've nailed the "do one thing really well" and I definitely want to see where they go next with it!
Ben Chow
shout out to @chrismessina for the hunt! Thanks so much for introducing us to this awesome community. Really looking forward to hearing what people think.