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We've been building Booklaunch for the past few months. Most authors and writers either don’t have time, budget or technical savvy to create a web site to promote their books. We’re trying to help with what we think is an for books. Would love to chat and hear any feedback the PH community has.
@leylandjacob I'm really interested in this. Would love to chat:
@gumroad @delk I've been wanting to connect with the team at Gumroad too. I think we would have a lot in common. Send me an email at and thanks for reaching out. [edit] Didn't see your email the first time around. I'll shoot you an email now.
I shared this with my older sister, who is a professional writer. As I am sure you know, there's a market for this kind of product. As I've learned from my sister, you have a whole segment of talented writers (35-44) who have Masters degrees, work and/or write for major publishers, and teach college courses. Many of them have written something -- a memoir, novel, etc -- that they want to publish. The publishing industry isn't what it used to be and often times they are sitting on their work. Self-publishing to them is not as attractive to them as it is to say, someone writing an e-book about growth. There's more concern about the perception of self-publishing among this audience. I believe this product could help. Best of luck with it!
@chrisfranco thanks for sharing Booklaunch Chris.
The more that the publishing industry is being disrupted by self-publishing alternatives, micro-publishers, direct-to-reader business models and the like, the more these types of web tools add value and empowerment to authors. I'm proud to say (by means of a disclosure) that I work with the Booklaunch team. They really care about the business/platform needs of authors. Launching books successfully is ground zero often times for an author. There's a lot of upside here that I'm glad is being explored and built by the team.
@leylandjacob great idea! Question: does it support multiple price tiers?
@mijustin Not yet. But it's in the works. We had a great chat with @nathanbarry about this the other day and about a ConvertKit integration. We're working on both over the next few weeks. :)
This is a great idea.