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Scheduling with powerful, beautiful forms.

Take your scheduling to the next level. With Paperform, you can create payment forms, quotes, bookings and any other kind of form you desire. Now, you can take appointments in the same form!
Syncs with Google Calendar, control your availability and more.
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Hey hunters! We're so proud of our latest feature release. Bookings for Paperform is all about opening up the ability to schedule appointments as a part of a larger form. There are a lot of great scheduling tools out there, but there just as many use-cases for scheduling that require more to be captured than just a meeting. Here's a glimpse of what's possible with Bookings for Paperform: 1. Generate a price for how long a service will take, take the payment, and let the customer choose the time-slot from your availability - all in one form. 2. Let the customer choose a range of dates for a booking or a hire, and calculate the cost based on the number of days they have selected. 3. Take multiple appointments on a single form. 4. Create simple "Schedule a 30 minute meeting" forms fast. Our new "Appointments" field type helps make these uses cases a reality. The appointment field can connect to a Google Calendar, and be tightly configured to behave the way you need. Because it's just another field type, you can use more than one on a form. The other secret ingredient in this release is an update to our "Calculations" field, which adds a bunch of functions for working with dates, such as calculating the times between two dates, formatting dates, and others. For some more advanced use cases, checkout these bonus YT tutorials:
Put together appointments and calculations opens up a whole world of possibilities, we can't wait to see what you come up with!
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This is EXCELLENT, and a very obvious feature missing in all the other products. Makes perfect sense if i'm a gym, dentist, parlour or anyone to use this to close the loop in all the way from acquisition, payment and now booking. Smart move team, well done!
Thanks @veebuv! We think it makes sense too - hopefully lots of people find it helpful in their business 🙌
Very excited to share this feature with you all, especially with those of you who need powerful bookings forms for service based industries, rentals, and consultancy (just the tip of the iceberg though!). We're proud to be adding a new aspect of the Product that will reduce the mental weight of having to use loads of apps to create one flow. Enjoy folks!
Paperform is so flexible and powerful. Been getting paid through this platform alongside lead gen forms, signatures, quizzes... and now appointment bookings! Such a lovely asynchronous input platform
This makes me love Paperform even more - can see this being incredibly useful in quite a few situations. Super excited
@philippa_mccarthy so glad to hear you're getting such value out of the platform - thank you! Let us know if you have a specific use-case in mind.