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I loved the convenience of Amazon for buying books, but I felt guilty neglecting my local bookshop, just a 10 minute walk away. So I asked myself the question: Can you promote local independent bookshops on the very system that’s designed to destroy them? The result is Bookindy, a Chrome extension which compares book prices so you always have the option of buying from your local bookshop whilst browsing Amazon. It's UK now, US being built as we speak. Please do install and try it out! :)
Ah so very very cool and very needed. Will be promoting this as much as possible.
Just been covered by Steve O'Hear on TechCrunch:
@willdog: I really love the idea. It'll be great to see you expand to other countries as well. With so much business being taken away from brick and mortar stores by e-commerce sites, it is refreshing to see someone trying to bring it back to them. Kudos and all the best.
Thanks Rajath. We're working with partners in the US and Canada right now. And we're releasing a German version soon.