Bookcelerator Summary

Summaries of books on business as 5-minute daily emails

Hey, everyone. A week ago my team launched Bookcelerator, a curated directory of books that will make you smarter (843 upvotes, discussion: We've received a lot of (79 comments in total) feedback and feature requests from you, thanks! Today we are happy to let you know about Bookcelerator Summary. We chose a book and craft easy-to-read 20-minute long summaries broken down into 5-minute daily emails that focus on the most important aspects of the book to accelerate the learning process. Why? Entrepreneurs are always looking for the quickest paths to growth for their businesses, and themselves. There are 8 books available now and 11 more coming soon (fall 2016). Would love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to reach me out with personal questions at Thank you. P.S. We have a special offer for the community. I made a gif that explains how to get it ;)
@andygorezkyi hey there!! The "hunted" coupon code says it's been used to many times 🙃 is there another one or is it a no go?
@trgorczynski hey! Thanks for the comment. We've relaunched «hunted». Use it :)