An inconspicuous book case for your Macbook

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Perfect case for when you need to leave you MacBook while using the restroom at the cafe.
@rrhoover would you do that? I love those cases but Id be too scared to chance it down here in Sydney (ex convict town lol)
@rrhoover not recommended here in Brazil. Don't leave behind even a book or you'll lose it =(
@rrhoover but then I will have lost BOTH my macbook AND the $80 case!
@rrhoover @helencrozier I've had one for years, and love it. But I can confirm it does not make you feel safe leaving it during a cafe restroom break.
Just saw this tweet: Anybody else experienced these overheating problems?
@andreasklinger 2 years using it with my MacBook Pro, never had an issue with that.
@andreasklinger Nope, haven't after 2 years (and that email isn't saying normal use does either, it's saying something about "locking in place")
Got one for 2 years. pretty cool. but honestly i rarely use it because would take too much room in a backpack
HUGE fan of this product. Worth every penny. Love it to bits. Best part is taking it through security at airports :-P
I've had mine for 2 years. Still as good as new and so classy ...