BookAuthority for Chrome

Quickly add books to your reading list from any website

Ever found yourself reading an article on Forbes or Inc mentioning great books? This Chrome extension will show you extensive book information and allow you to add any book to your reading list in one click!

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Hey Product Hunt! 6 months ago, we launched BookAuthority, a website that collects book recommendations by the world’s most successful CEOs, business leaders and experts. BookAuthority quickly became a hit, reaching #1 on Product Hunt and getting coverage on Inc, Forbes, LinkedIn’s Blog, BestSelfCo, and dozens of publications. Every month, 40,000 people use BookAuthority to find the best books on any subject. As we talked to dozens of our users, we noticed avid readers often find book recommendations on Forbes or Entrepreneur articles like “Top Business Books of 2018”, and on Quora, Reddit and blogs. Then it hit us: why limit BookAuthority to a single website, when we can bring it to *any* website? Today we’re excited to officially launch BookAuthority for Chrome, which brings the power of BookAuthority to any website! It finds links to books on any website you visit, and allows you to: ✔ Find which leaders and experts recommend those books ✔ Read any book’s Amazon reviews in one click ✔ Add books to your reading list in one click ✔ Get book information such as rating, year, and cover photo The extension is especially useful for articles on publications such as Forbes, Inc, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Fortune, The Guardian, CNBC, The New York Times, HuffPost, Fast Company, etc. However, it should work on any website that has links to Amazon books, including Quora, Reddit, Medium and even Google. If you’re an avid reader, we believe this Chrome extension will improve your life (or at least your book library...) Got any questions or suggestions? Please let me know in the comments.
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Woohoo! I was waiting for it :)
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@tomer_aharon Yeah, it's been long due! Users started requesting this kind of functionality ever since we introduced reading lists on BookAuthority. However, we had our backlog full with other things (such as adding more recommenders and topics to BookAuthority, better discovery of books, etc.)

It's 2018. Please, stop forcing users to first have a Facebook account.




You need a Facebook account to sign-in. 😒

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@galdubinski Thanks Gal! It means a lot coming from you!
Thank you for this app.