Personalized book recommendations from top industry leaders

BookAuthority is a service that gives you personalized book recommendations from top industry leaders

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Hey Product Hunt! Over the past six months, we have collected thousands of book recommendations from renowned industry leaders. People like Bezos, Zuckerberg and Gates; Thiel, Andreessen and Altman; Seth Godin, Andrew Chen and Gary V; Marty Cagan, Laura Klein, Jakob Nielsen and 100+ others. Today we’re excited to launch BookAuthority - a service that helps you discover the very best business books, based on those experts’ recommendations. BookAuthority allows you to select from a dozen areas of interest such as startups, design, product, marketing, productivity or leadership. It then produces a personalized reading-list tailored just for you. You can recommend books yourself, mark books that you want to read, and track books you’ve already read. We hope you’ll like it as much as we do! I would love to hear your feedback and answer your questions.
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@aj_segal Thank you Avishay! Glad to hear you enjoy it
@liorgrossman How does it work? Why does it need my fb login? It is personalized because it extracts info from my fb or selecting an interest area, if the later can it really be called personalized?
@bluemonk482 Hi Bo. We use Facebook Connect as a means to sign up to the service, so users can quickly build a profile and save their preferences, get book recommendations, recommend books, and save books for later reading. Facebook Connect saves users a lot of hassle, since in 2 clicks (no typing whatsoever) you get a profile, with your name, title and photo, and you're able to log in later any time and from any device. That's an important part of user experience in my humble opinion. We also use Facebook to determine which books you've read in the past, and which books you have recommended, and our algorithm adapts the recommendations accordantly.
@liorgrossman Nice! Sounds good!
Congrats to @liorgrossman and team! Nicely done.
@nireyal Thank you Nir, and thanks for the great book recommendations you've given us!
There's a big need for your platform. Great job there! Are you planning to add an inner rating system?
@galdubinski Thank you Gal. There's already an inner rating system for BookAuthority, but it's very subtle at the moment. As a user, you can click "Recommend" next to any books (that's probably the equivalent of the like button), and it will impact the book's rating. Not as much as a recommendation by Bill Gates, but be sure that it does impact the rating. In addition, once you click recommend, a small panel shows up, than enabled you to rate the book (1-5 stars) and write down a one-line review of the book (we prefer to keep the reviews short and concise). Hope this answers your question.
Way to go, looks like an awesome resource. I'm definitely using this one...
@haimpekel Thanks Haim! Glad you find it useful :)
This is pretty dope 🚬🚬
@dredurr Thanks Deandre!