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Book Your Sales is a collection of interviews with authors about how they marketed and sold their books. Authors of all types can find help, inspiration and new ideas for their own book sales and marketing.



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Ross Rojek
Ross RojekMaker@sacbookreviewer · CTO,,
Thanks @erictwillis This is a project for my wife @heidikomlofske for We started that business almost 9 years ago, first with a print publication and over time, now have 4 different book review websites and 3 licensees, including the Tulsa City-County library system ( Over the years we went from just doing book reviews to author marketing services. The one question we got the most from self-published and indie authors was "how do I get more people to buy my book?", and is our answer for that. We're collecting stories from authors on what they did that worked. It doesn't have to be thousands of sales, but something that had a direct impact on sales. One of my favorite stores was from Jason Richter, author of L.I.F.E in the 23rd Century. He partnered with a local band and Planned Parenthood for a signing, doubled the cost of his book and donated 50% of his sales to PP, the band attracted their fans, and sold 4x the copies of the book than he had for his first book at the same store. Plus he also kept the entire sales price of his book, while still donating money to PP. So if you are an author with a marketing story to tell, or know one, send them our way. There is a submission form on the site, and we'll be adding 2-3 new stories every week.