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So I'm not sure what it does. It isn't doing recommendations based on anything other than someone else having posted a book into a category as far as I can tell. There are 27 business books, but no reason to get any of them other than the cover image. Really needs a filter or something to help go from "I need a book" to "Hey this is the book for me"
@golocalapps It is not supposed to do anything, I tried to simulate the experience of walking into a book shop, all you have is book covers and different bookshelfs with categories. And I wanted it to be simple, no need to log in or subscribe or anything, just look around and if you see anything you like you can buy it.
@draco_draco ah ok. Calling it Book Recommendations without any actually recommendations isn't really accurate. You might just want to call it "Books Available"
@golocalapps Well they are books recommended by me and by anyone that wants to recommend a book.
I don't really see what it's called book 'recommendations' when it doesn't really seem to be doing any recommending. that said, of the books that they have featured, I have a number on my 'to read' list
i have such a difficult time finding book recommendations, so i was excited to see this
@eriktorenberg dude, I'll just start sending you books directly.