Book Playlist

Collaborative music playlists for your favorite books

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Book Playlist was created at CODEX Hackathon at the MIT Media Lab this weekend, along with many other cool projects. (I am the creator).
@viking2917 what an interesting concept! What inspired this?
@bentossell @viking2917 Hi Ben - I've always had a soundtrack playing in my head for books I'm reading, and been interested in the intersection of books and music. Was at a hackathon this weekend and thought it would be interesting to make a place where people could share their favorite music and book combos...
@viking2917 I think thats pretty cool, something unique! Not seen anything like this before.
@bentossell @viking2917 Authors have been talking about their musical inspirations for forever (often via a blog post and spotify blog post ) - might be an interesting angle for Product Hunt Books sometime...
@viking2917 Could make for some really interesting collections :)
I love this. I like to read to soundtracks too. They can make the experience so much more powerful. I created a 'Dystopian' playlist when reading 1984. Feel free to use it!
@oliwesbiz Cool. I put it in, nice playlist! (note you can go to the site and add your own track(s) to any book in the database....
Really interesting concept indeed!