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Hi everybody thanks for checking out Bookcase! I'm very excited about the service we are developing and would love get some feedback and questions from the Product Hunt community!
@wisj26 Ha I literally just started because I couldn't find a good Book Subscription Service
@itsthisjustin @wisj26 keep going with it! There can never be too many, and it's not like mine is the first to exist. It's a great business model in my opinion, you don't need any up front cash you just pay as you grow
I also wanted to offer 25% off your first month with us using the coupon code HUNTED
Hi Jacob! Congratulations on your Product Hunt! I have a couple questions 1). Are you working with a specific used book wholesaler? If not, I may have a suggestion. I spent 10 years with Barnes & Noble College Division. 2). What made you decide to expand beyond young adult? Just curious. Good luck, I like the idea.
@vbarnett323 Thanks Virginia! Right now at the smaller scale we're not working with any specific store, but now as we grow I am working to build relationships with book stores, authors, and publishers. I'd love to hear more about your ideas if you want to email me at As far as expanding beyond young adult, I just felt that those book boxes were missing out on a large market and didn't see any reason to limit us.
As a completely book addict, this is pretty awesome! Congrats!
How do you avoid sending people books they already own?
@shimmb this is a big risk were facing. At the moment there really isn't any way, but we are looking into possibly integrating with Goodreads. It wouldn't be perfect though