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Have you ever wondered which books billionaires read?
Book Billionaire collected over the 110+ books recommendations from world-class people.
Pick your gold models and follow their recommended wisdom!
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Hello Product Hunt 👋 Reading books recommended by the smartest and wealthiest people in the world doesn’t make you become a billionaire. At least, it makes your life better. It’s the reason why we build this product to classify the recommended book of your idols effortlessly. Here are some criteria we choose 📖📖📖: 📙 Recommended by billionaires. The net worth source is from Google and Forbes list 📙 Most of the billionaires are in the tech industry. 📙 The references from the public article/interview/podcast/official social network post about their favorite books. We also include these reference links on the app. You can bookmark the book you wish to read later. Besides, Book Billionaire is a truly decentralized app that runs on the Blockstack platform. You own your data. We form an opinion about making something less complex with blockchain so that users can adapt to technology. When users are more familiar with DApps, these changes assist for blockchain platforms and blockchain developers and vice versa. They will build more DApps for end users. Use it at: We welcome your feedback. Thank you for reading! Happy reading! 📖📖📖
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