The ski instructor booking platform

Booctin is a ski instructor booking platform. Private lessons with certified professionals only.

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Hi there 👋 We are two dudes from the French Alps 🏔 and we wanted to improve the booking process for ski instructors ⛷🏂 Given that the "incumbent monopolist" hasn’t really supported innovation in this market for the last 70 years, we thought it was time to try something 😎 It’s our first winter ❄ so we currently only have instructors around our area (think Chamonix / Megève / etc) but hopefully we’ll be able to expand to other resorts 🔜 🌍 We’d love to hear your feedbacks! 😙😙 PS: If you actually want to book an instructor you can use the promo code HUNTER 😉
@teawaterwire no way. I've been interested in the on-demand booking services recently and having just come back from Austria skiing, and watching Generations of Freeskiing I thought about a platform that would connect you with ski-instructors on demand... If I wanted to test myself for the afternoon, I could go on and book then and there. I also thought about it in terms of meeting other people of a similar level to you, just to go skiing with. So say one night there was a good dump of snow, next morning you go on the site to find other people looking to go off-piste in some powder/freeski/or hit the snowpark with... Would love to chat more about this!
@bentossell I love these use cases! Traditionally people used to book their ski instructors in advance, but we also believe that there is room for on-demand scenarios. (As you said, nobody can anticipate a massive pow pow day 😊 ) As for meeting people (while skiing), this is indeed something we've seen a lot of interest in. It also reduces the price, which could democratize the trend 👍 Happy to chat more about this!
@bentossell @teawaterwire more importantly .. how was austria skiing? its on my hitlist
@shtooova was my first time and I really enjoyed it!
Nice idea and product :) I have added it to the "Made in 🇫🇷" collection
Awesome work guys! The only concern I have would be having British instructors on there (with BASI), which it doesn't look like you have. I'm unsure about how qualified a French instructor needs to be to work independently, but a British worker in the French Alps needs BASI level 4 to work independently, there's a ton of legal cases with instructors being fined >€30000 for this (my friend got in serious trouble). The platform looks awesome, and loving the concept.
@nicksmithr Thanks Nick, much appreciated! You seem to know well the intricacies of the ski instructor "system" On our platform we activate instructor manually so we can verify (on a public database) that they have the required "degree". But we will definitely try and get British instructors too, as long as they have passed the "Eurotest" (as you mentioned) so they can teach in France :)
Cool idea and brilliant landing page. My only comment is to definitely change some of the wording that makes it sound like only males can be ski instructors :D
@steerj92 Thanks John, good catch! We'll fix that 👍