Boo Hoo

A story from concept to catastrophe

This book is F*cking Awesome! (with respect to those involved) It truly shows you what is was like for a company in the dot-com boom/bust to raise so much capital ($135million) before launch and how they burned through it within 18 months. It is a crazy roller-coaster ride and the founder really brings you into the story with this book. Great read for startup founders 😊
@bentossell Which startup is it about? Or is it fictional? [EDIT] Oops - I'll Google next time I have a instant question. Boohoo is the name of the startup - had not heard of them before.
@spif yeah it was a e-commerce fashion website :) I probably should have said!
@bentossell Ah so it's NOT which is also a fashion retailer (and still live and kicking as it seems)...
@spif nope it was - get the book, its crazy!
@bentossell Yes - just got the Kindle version. Merci!