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Bonusly is a fun, personal recognition and rewards program that enriches your company culture and improves employee engagement.

With Bonusly, everyone in your organization can publicly recognize everyone else by giving small bonuses that add up to meaningful rewards.

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RaphaelMakerHiring@raphaelcm · Co-founder
Bonusly enables companies to leverage the wisdom of the crowd (the crowd == employees) to recognize, reward, and retain their employees. In addition to crowdsourcing bonuses, Bonusly leverages the data created by employees to generate useful and actionable insights about your team. Who is your leading innovator? Who is working with whom, and on what? Who's the most influential person on the marketing team? These are all questions that would normally be difficult to answer, but that Bonusly can answer with ease, in near-real-time.
Hung Pham
Hung Pham@hungvpham
@raphaelcm Hi Raphael, I'd like to invite you to Culture Summit. It's a conference that would make a perfect match for Bonusly and your target audience.
Tami Reiss
Tami Reiss@tamireiss
We use bonusly @cyrusinnovation and we are big fans