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We’re super excited to launch Bonsai Proposals on PH! Lots of freelancers love their craft, but hate the admin work of running a solo business. Bonsai started solving this with an automated, integrated workflow of contracts, time tracking, invoices, and payments. Proposals are another time consuming and repetitive step in that process. We can minimize the effort needed to go from proposal to payment, so you can focus on doing what you love. Here are some highlights of Proposals: - See read receipts + timeline of activity on your proposal and project - Create different packages that your client can choose from - Customize the header, logo, and sections - Start with templates for different work types (design, writing, etc) New subscribers can get a 15% discount with the code PHPROPOSALS15. Excited to introduce this product today and get more feedback from the Producthunt community! Happy freelancing!
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@matttbrown how would you say this compares to Proposify? Huge fan of everything you guys have done with Bonsai. Looking forward to trying this out.
Thanks for the support and great question @itsthisjustin ! Bonsai Proposals are different from Proposify in various aspects: - Bonsai Proposals are smart proposals. We're also releasing a feature that will create a contract, a deposit invoice and a W9 as soon as your proposal is accepted. This is a huge time saver and has been one of the most loved features for our Bonsai beta users. - Bonsai is a freelancer/small agency-first service. That means that the whole experience is designed to help you build your proposals in less time than it takes to think about it. Everything has been thought for intuitiveness and we've done 100+ interviews and have explored 200+ user stories to come up with the perfect flow. Time is important to our community so we're focusing on saving it. - We integrate best practices from our community. We help you do more but also close more. One of the example is the feature that allows you to propose different packages and allows your client to chose directly their package within the interface. The idea is to help you close more deal and earn more by providing the right package to the right client. Finally, I'd add that all Bonsai products are deeply integrated. We're strengthening those integrations to make our community feel like they've never had to worry about an admin headache in their freelance career.
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@matttbrown great idea!!! +100 at the convenience for work
@liza__schwartz Woohoo thanks Liza!
@matttbrown congrats on the launch of Proposals on PH. I've been using Bonsai for a while now and it has made my life so much easier as a freelance designer. Keep up the great work you guys!
I like the product, I totally admire the hard work you guys have put into stitch everything together to build a combined platform. But, I feel that there are a lot of conventional systems which focuses on paper proposal/contract/invoice/agreement. I like that a user can easily generate a proposal from a pre-defined template, but I can't download or take print out of the proposal, that's limiting. Or you people should have enabled a basic plan where users can create/generate these documents and download it from the platform.
@aaalveee very valid points and thank you for your feedback! We do indeed believe that keeping everything digitally linked and sending every documents from a unified system is the best experience for you and your client, best in terms of time but also to stay organized. If you'd rather send physical documents to your clients, we've integrated an export option to all our product so you can download a PDF copy of each document you produce. That works the other way round too since you can also attach scans to any Bonsai document to keep them centralized in you own private and secure digital working environment.
@aaalveee you can download PDFs in one click from any document you are working on:
@redongjika Wow, thats good :) I didn't see that!
@aaalveee then we definitely need to make it more obvious :)
@redongjika @aaalveee Hey Alvin, there are lots of benefits to keeping the proposals online in Bonsai (e.g., automated reminders, read receipts) but all our products (proposals, contracts, and invoices) can be downloaded to PDF too!
wow the new builder look neat 😃 Love it 👏🏼 For those who want to try, I think the referral is still working so enjoy 1 month free to test fully
@clawfire smart move Thibault! ;)
@redongjika Sorry :p BTW Just realise I put that with the wrong account. Let me up vote your product with my active account ;)
Product aside, what a beautiful design! And the product looks even more amazing. Definitely a great tool for the freelancer.
Thanks @renee_sandefur ! Hands down to our Co-founder and Head of Design @mattnish
Just started using bonsai and I really like it so far! Excited to see all these new features pumping out so quickly.