Bonsai Payments v2

Simple invoicing & ACH payments for freelancers

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Hey ProductHunters! Excited to launch a new and hugely improved Bonsai Payments here. We built this with a single goal in mind: get freelancers paid on time. Although Payments can be used independently, it’s integrated deeply with our freelance contract builder. Once your work contract is signed, you can automatically generate and enforce a payment schedule. This includes tracking how the client interacts with your invoices, as well as smart & automated reminders to nudge the client to pay on time. You can get paid by credit card (2.9% + $0.30), ACH (US only, $5 flat fee), or bitcoin (no fee). On top of these standard processing fees, Bonsai charges only $1 per completed invoices. Cheers!
@matttbrown Hi Matt, a welcome integration! Do you know if (or when) you'll be supporting payments for those in the UK? It would be super beneficial for me and many others I'm sure. Thanks for all the hard work thus far!
@eabfairman We support credit card payments in the UK right now and are working on other lower cost options as well.
Been using it for about a month. GREAT all around! Also, nearly perfect onboarding.
Congrats on the new launch!! Huge fan of the onboarding process you guys have built out too :)
It's nice not to chase clients for your money. 🤑
Can't wait to start using–Bonsai contracts have already been so helpful to our biz.