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We hope you guys like Bonsai! We built it to make that annoying and confusing contract for freelance dev and design work easier to create, understand, and sign. Our hope is that it helps build better relationships with clients and gives you one less thing to worry about when freelancing. We know how tough it can be. Let us know if you have any questions!
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@matttbrown This is great and will probably make life easier for tons of people. But I must object to the use of the phrase "bulletproof contract". Doesn't matter if it's a form or prepared by the most expensive attorney you can find - No contract is ever bulletproof.
@jasonmcamps I agree with Jason and would go one step further to suggest that asserting "bulletproof contracts" likely sets you up for liability.
Love this app. Been chatting with @matttbrown for awhile now giving feedback on Bonsai so it's very exciting to see the final form.
@matttbrown Also I couldn't see a way to edit the other terms of the contract. IP is very important and people have different arrangements for that. While it is nice to streamline the filling and e-signing of a contract, why not also give the ability to edit the other terms as an advance option for instance?
@matttbrown What technology do you use for e-signing?
Looks great but, why forcing to use a state from USA? we have the company in the UK, so we can not use it? will be nice to give a try! thanks ;)
@deambulando The contracts they're using were most likely prepared by a lawyer in the United States to comply with U.S. law. I assume they need separate contracts for each country so as to comply with their local laws.
@automaticyes @openclassified that's correct, these were prepared only for the US for now, since we wanted to validate the need in a single market. However, it's not too complicated to modify these for other jurisdictions. We're looking into Canada and the UK next!
Awesome @mattbrown! Excited to give these a spin. Thanks for creating this. Regarding the design, reminds me a lot of Robinhood App.
@alanaut24 Thanks! Design credit goes to the awesome @mattnish though ;)
looks interesting, @mattbrown. no mention of pricing anywhere on the website from what I could see. What is the pricing?
@theryanrobinson It's totally free to use the contracts and will always be. Our goal is to make those fairly standardized, so we don't think we should charge for that. We're adding financial products like escrow ( which will help us monetize, but that'll be separate from the contracts. You can use contracts and escrow together for example, but you can use each independently.
@matttbrown awesome, I love that. Unless I glossed over it, you may be missing out on a big opportunity to highlight clearly that the contracts are totally free! That'd otherwise be a point of friction for me, not clearly grasping that it's all free. Love what you're doing.. I'm including you in a post tomorrow on CreativeLive as a great new app for freelancers.
@theryanrobinson Great feedback re free :) And thanks for featuring us! Feel free to email me with any questions:
@matttbrown Nice approach indeed.
@theryanrobinson @matttbrown Looks like Bonsai is no longer totally free to use? If you have more than one client, anyway...
Amazing! I just have one quesiton, what if I created test contact, how do i delete it?
@vladdesign We don't have that feature yet, but it's coming soon :)