Bonjoro's new Chrome recorder lets you record and share unlimited HD webcam videos or screen recordings, 100% FREE! HD videos as standard. No storage limits. No recording length limits. Stay connected with your people, no matter where they live or work.
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Hey Product Hunters, Oli Bridge, Bonjoro's CMO here! Today, we are delighted to launch our latest product, which we are releasing 100% free and unlimited from Day 1! Introducing... Bonjoro Chrome - Free HD Screen and Webcam Recording 🎉 With our new Chrome recorder you can record and share fast, and unlimited, HD webcam videos or screen recordings, 100% free! Here's what you can do with it: -> Record quick and friendly webcam videos to keep relationships warm with your leads, customers, and team. -> Capture helpful screen-recordings to educate and update them when you can't be with them in person. -> Share your videos quickly and easily wherever your customers and team are, by embedding a thumbnail into your emails or sharing a simple link via social, SMS or chat. If you are wondering how we are different to other Chrome recorders out there. Here's just a few ways: **HD videos for Free** We’re not putting any limits on the quality of your videos just cause you don’t pay. Create and share HD videos to your hearts content, and they’ll look super-sharp and crisp to your audience. **Unlimited # of recordings for Free** Unlike other tools, we don’t limit the number of recordings you can make on the free plan. Make, share and store as many HD recordings as you like! **No limits on recording length** Once again we are putting no arbitrary caps on your video's length on the Free plan. Your recordings can be as short or as long as you need them to be! **Plays nice with Bonjoro’s other tools.** If you are already using Bonjoro, you can now create and share videos on any channel using your existing branded message templates. (N.B. Custom branding and CTAs are a paid feature in Bonjoro) From today our new screen and webcam recorder is available on the Google Chrome Store. That's it. No catches. No limits. Just fast and unlimited HD videos for everyone on the planet! Hope you like it :) Ps. What feature should we build into the recorder next? Love to hear your thoughts and feedback below.
Wanted to give a huge shout out to our key makers on this thing! @simon_hartcher and @Unicornux (Alissa Priest). They did a killer job of marrying super simple and fast UX with deep and stable functionality. Hope you all agree! Awesome job guys 👏
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Nice work, using this for our 'how to' videos for new starters
@gary_elphick Nice Gary! Great idea.
Looks promising, we will try it for onboarding our client on our SaaS product. We always get good client engagements with videos.
@simon_lenoir thanks! Onboarding is a great use-case for screen recordings. Top Tip: customers activate so much better when you tailor the video just for their niche.
Bonjoro is my secret weapon today in my Sales and Onboarding "Stack". I'm clearly doing things that don't scale (recording a Bonjoro for each sign-up) but this improved so much my conversion rate to book a product demo with my prospective users. I'm so grateful for discovering Bonjoro (I remember, it was after buying a Drawing Course, the teacher send me a Thanks you Bonjoro and I was literarly WoW instantly and knew I need that on They totally deserve to be product of the day, of the week, of the year :)
As a Youtuber, I use Bonjoro to send personal welcome videos out to Patrons. Bonjoro made it very simple to import from Patreon automatically. When someone signs up, the app lets me know that I need to record a new welcome video, which I can do right then and there, all on my phone. So far I've sent out about 30 videos. Of those videos 80% have been watched and 40% of my Patrons have interacted in some way. Replies to my videos are always heartwarming and thankful! Adding Bonjoro to my welcome process has been wholly rewarding for both me and my Patrons.