Send personal video messages to delight & convert customers

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Awesome presentation in Sydney guys. How about this slogan? "Bonjoro - put a face to your name".
@ravsydney Hey Ravi! That's now on a list of ideas for marketing / branding / copy. Thanks for the idea πŸ™
Could you give a scenario in which this could be used?
@matthewboyle25 - Customers, sign ups to just about anything, charities. Anything that involves relationship based selling πŸ˜„ We're seeing it used by teams in all sorts of industries. We have sales teams using it to retain customers, win new business, and just generally show some love to their clients, vs boring old email. We also have charities using it to personally thank donors. Think, any customer interaction that currently relies on email that has lost its sparkle, Bonjoro helps you cut right back through and get that love back from customers. The benefit is also huge for startups where first customers are so valuable. One of our closed beta users is a financial planning organisation with a team of 27+ actively using Bonjoro with their clients. That is 27 team members all sending personalised video messages to their clients. They've seen a huge improvement in their relationships with clients that has directly lead to more business for them.
@matthewboyle25 updated with a bit more context 🐻
Awesome, can't wait to give it a go :-)
The folks from Bonjoro demoed the product at Product Hunt Sydney. Wanted to share a few key points from their presentation: - There is evidence that the B2B video messaging service has been tripling conversion rates - The team has invested a lot in getting the branding and messaging as tight as possible, and it shows! - Integrations with Intercom is awesome, which I am using.. and there are more integrations on the way. Pretty sure there is an opportunity here for something to evolve into a professional video messaging platform ;)
EPIC! Do you guys have a demo video of it in action? Would help to quickly see the workflow...
@al__bentley they can send you a bonjoro video with the demo :)
Hey @al__bentley - probably the best thing would be to pop over to . There is a video there that explains how some of our beta users are using Bonjoro to make a difference in their businesses :)
@matthew_ho haha absolutely! Email me or message me directly Hunters if you'd like me to send you a Bonjoro personally.