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Share juicy first-date details in your private friends Camp, find a new quarantine hobby in #Quarantined, and laugh at dank #Memes – whatever you’re into, it’s happening on Bonfire. No like/follower counts, just meaningful conversations for your interests.
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Hey everyone! 👋 I’m @austin, co-founder of Bonfire heading up creative. A year ago, we set out to make a social app that encouraged meaningful and authentic conversation. To do that, we knew a few things had to happen: 1) remove like/follower counts 2) optimize for conversations vs. likes 3) facilitate conversations through groups. Since our private beta launched 9 months ago, our users have cultivated hundreds of Camps and thousands of engaging conversations. From silly no-filter selfies in #MirrorSelfies to thought-provoking discussions in the #Books Camp, it’s all happening on Bonfire. Let us know your favorites below--we’re also taking requests to feature your Camp! 🌟
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From being in the beta over the last several months, I can testify that Bonfire is the best new social app to hit the scene in years 🔥
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@owens thanks for helping us light the fire early on, Hunter! 🔥
Hey Product Hunt! 👋I’m @hugo, co-founder of Bonfire focused on engineering and community. It’s been awesome to see the feedback on PH since we dropped this morning! If you’re stuck in the waitlist, comment your Bonfire friend code any time today and we’ll hook you up with a code to skip the line. Be sure to nab your 🔥username early! Our beta testers have been crucial to getting Bonfire ready for launch, and today we’re proud to show Bonfire to the rest of the world. Bonfire is built for the community, by the community. I'll see you in the app!
So obvious question how do you plan to grow and hit that network effect?
"Chat about your interests" ...WITH OTHER iOS USERS ONLY Why not make Bonfire a web app and then make native apps for it? Considering that it's supposed to be a social network about all sorts of interests, it requires a large number of diverse users. I don't see how making it an iOS exclusive contributes to that goal.
@anna_0x Hi Anna, thank you for your feedback! As a two-person team, that is one of the hard decisions we had to make early on. We decided to go with iOS first for these reasons: 1) You always have your phone on you, not your laptop 2) Because of #1, our users can respond more frequently (keeping conversations active) 3) We have limited time and resources I agree with you – being iOS-only limits our user base potential substantially (both in diversity and size). We're working hard to expand the product onto more platforms as soon as possible!
@anna_0x Yup, I just cannot see the viability in choosing to alienate half the market right off the bat in this day and age. I've joined and tested more social networks than I can recall and very few weather this self imposed limitation. I hope I am wrong for these folks sake, but... I don't ALWAYS have my iPad with me so even those who try to use both platforms are unlikely to bother.
@austinvalleskey You should look into using Flutter for the Android version and add web support. I’m currently learning Flutter and I have been enjoying experience so far. “With web support, you can compile existing Flutter code written in Dart into a client experience that can be embedded in the browser and deployed to any web server. You can use all the features of Flutter, and you don’t need a browser plug-in.” Here’s the link: