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Thanks for hunting us @kwdinc! Hey Hunters, I'm one of the co-founders here at Bonfire. We've got a very exciting roadmap planned for the product and are happy to finally be out of beta and open for business. I'll be hanging out on PH all day (like usual) - happy to answer any questions and would love your feedback.
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@kevinpenney Dumb question is this US only or can us Canucks get in on this? 🇨🇦
@brianbest We welcome users from across the globe, especially our neighbors to the North!
@brianbest Sweet! Hope you don't mind that I'm your first customer :)
@kevinpenney WOOO Thanks!!! :D
1. What makes Bonfire different from TeeSpring, Printful and other competitors? 2. TeeSpring has a Shopify Plugin and Printful made it easy to integrate automatically with several e-Commerce platforms via ShipStation. Are there plans to create Bonfire plugins for easy and automatic integration with stores?
@patrick_udeh Great questions! 1. On the platform side, we’re the only apparel-selling platform that allows sellers to choose whether to sell shirts for profit or as a fundraiser. (Selling shirts as a fundraiser allows them to accept donations, among other features.) We’ve also invested heavily in graphic design services and US-based customer service to help our sellers be more successful. On the merch side, we’re the only such platform that uses only premium-quality t-shirts. This is because our sellers tend to be deeply connected to their communities, and cheap-quality shirts leave everyone unhappy. 2. We’ve definitely got our eyes on some future integrations with 3rd party platforms. I can’t share a ton at the moment but stay tuned.
@kevinpenney Oh, that's great. I especially like that designers/sellers can accept donations. Besides Paypal, I would recommend including Payoneer as a means of making profit payments to sellers, especially those who are based outside the US.
@patrick_udeh Thanks for the suggestion! Definitely looking to explore multiple payout options in the near future.
@kevinpenney @patrick_udeh The customer success side and graphic help can't be ignored. I bet a lot of items submitted to sites in the space look like garbage, won't be funded, and ultimately fail to create revenue for the business. I used to work liaising between printers and people/brands/charities needing apparel. Just making sure they weren't submitting designs that would look bad once printed and I was able to make a lot doing that :) It's a good value add for both the customers and the bottom line in this case.
@thatmattgardner You nailed it - most people have no idea how much pre-production work/guidance goes into custom apparel. Thanks for the support!
With @rboab - being able to start campaigns or play around with the designer prior to registration would be great. That said, this is an AMAZING UPDATE and I'm so excited for you guys! Keep kicking ass. Can't wait to see what else you guys do.
Thanks for the kind words @joeyfigaro. And thanks for the feedback on the registration flow - we've got an upcoming release that should be addressing that very pain point.
I never used Teespring before but your site looks dope ! I love the design and the color combinatons
@leovarmak We appreciate the love!