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Bond is the easiest way to send physical, handwritten notes using your phone or computer. Choose or make your own stationery. Use 15 handwriting styles or have your own digitized. Your note is written with pen using exclusive robotic technology, placed in an envelope, stamped, sealed and shipped.

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Awesome job Sonny and the Bond team!
@conradegusa Thanks Conrad!
US only. Shame.
@andreasduess Currently our product works best in the US. But Canada is close and we do work with many businesses there! I'd be happy to connect you with someone on our sales team to talk through the available options :)
I’ve been following you from the beginning and you’re awesome , but I’m not seeing what was added now. Any integrations?
@ariaitch Thanks Ari. Check out our completely new design at Along with the new design, we'll be launching some really cool features in December that allow users to easily send notes to many recipients at once :)
Great service. (Shameless plug warning!) We offer a similar service with and Zapier integration and automation too. Check out
Thanks for the support @davidbwachs ! I hope we can both add more happy customers as a result of our product developments.
@nick_alexander_bond agreed! it's always great to have competition! keeps us on our toes!

I've used this in the past and need to do so more often. These are the kinds of notes that people keep on or in their desks; they're not just tossed aside. And even taking the time to write such a missive tends to show some thoughtfulness on the part of the sender. I've met some of the team as well, and they're all class acts.


High-quality. Impressive look and feel of the cards. Very professional.


There are cheaper alternatives for sending notes if quality isn't the first concern.