A simple app that reminds you to keep in touch with people

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Bond appears to be inspired by Yo, although it might have more utility than its initial implementation (cc @orarbel). P.S. @derekminter, we should crowdsource alternative taglines. Yours would win.
@rrhoover haha, comments from @sandracarden and @MananRokani seem to support. I'll take the win. @MananRokani My first reaction screamed Yo! as well (based on design alone) but didn't feel like a clone I signed up. Also, can calls be made from the app or swiping the push notification?
@derekminter Haha cool. But yeah, currently you swipe/ tap the push notification to open the app and then you place the call from the app.
@rrhoover Haha I had a feeling we'd get that initial reaction but I promise you it wasn't inspired by Yo. I remember our team was sitting around a table coding away when Yo was first announced and we all looked at each other and went "Oh great!" #NoDisrespectToYo
@rrhoover do you use bond or everything is in your airtable?
I love the concept. My only concern is that I can schedule a bunch of bond reminders, but if my contact does not pick up, it ruins the user experience. Is there a way to invite my contact to the bond as well, so we both get the notification?
@toddsaunders I know what you mean. I have experienced that myself. We're working on ways to solve that.
@MananRokani @toddsaunders maybe you can add a second person or more to Bond. #PlanB
This mom asks whether I can remotely install it on my kids' phones and have Contact Mom weekly already set up? Just kidding, sort of. Love this idea; see lots of uses of it for me in several areas of my life. Thx!
@sandracarden Haha wouldn't that be awesome. But you can have your kids install the app on their phones and convince them to setup a reminder for you. I've been calling my mom every couple of days and she loves it! :)
@monanrokani does the app have the ability to track the last time I either called or texted someone in my address book, so that a reminder isn't popping up for someone I talked to yesterday? Also, any plans on adding gmail support?
@KevinLeeHenry Currently the app doesn't have that capability but I agree that it would be helpful. We're building more ways for you to Bond with people. Please stay tuned!
@MananRokani +1 on @KevinLeeHenry's suggestion. Who I've been texting/calling/emailing recently is key to showing the most important people to reach out to.
@gwintrob @MananRokani @KevinLeeHenry Sadly iOS doesn't let apps access phone calls/text messages, but you can on Android (for example for Android is similar and resets based on phone calls and text messages)