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reminds me of https://www.cookening.com/ by @cgiorgi (subsequently bought by Vizeat, it seems)
Wow bring this to Toronto! Food + people = an interesting time!
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@alexgilmore0811 Hi Alex, we get new hosts on board through several channels. One of them is simply having the people who are already doing this to join BonAppetour. It's usually great for them because we handle payments, marketing, and the likes. When we expand to new cities we also do local events in which the community of hosts will get to know each other, and know more about BonAppetour. This usually leads to people bringing in their friends, and a spike of referrals in the following days. Here's some pictures of an even we had in Rome: https://www.facebook.com/media/s... Although the platform is international, we are focused on growing our hosts community in Europe at the moment, and we will focus on the US in a few months. As of now we have definitely our biggest community in the major Italian cities like Rome, Milan, Florence, and Venice. This mainly because in Italy there's a huge culture of food, and because I'm from Italy, as you might have guessed from my name :) As for your last question, that's actually a huge headache since it varies from country to country. In most European cities, at least, you're allowed to earn up to a point without having to be a legal entity. I think it's a similar problem that other companies like Airbnb have, so I'm quite confident it won't be an obstacle in the long run. Thanks for the great question!
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@alexgilmore0811 Beautiful place, Messina! Yes, we definitely use as many tools we can to reach a larger audience. We have partnered with some meetups focused on food, and they help us introduce BonAppetour to their members. For local events we use a combination of Eventbrite and Facebook events. It works out very well, but we're looking to improve on this.
"We are coming soon to Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia!" Can't wait!
It reminds me of Cookening, launched in 2011 and purchased by VizEat. That's a good idea, however you got to tailor the experiences to your guests.