Airbnb for food with strangers

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@degrems · tsumego.fr / gobilab.com
reminds me of https://www.cookening.com/ by @cgiorgi (subsequently bought by Vizeat, it seems)
Amanda Chiu
@manda_auror · Marketing Coordinator, Atomic Reach
Wow bring this to Toronto! Food + people = an interesting time!
Alex Gilmore
@alexgilmore0811 · Co-Founder & Web / UX Designer at Ruzzit
Looks awesome, sounds fun and now i'm starving! My question: how are you planning on growing the number of users who host the meal? At the moment for example, only 1 result for NY. Also, would they be eligible to profiting something small from it?
Luiz Centenaro
@luizcent · eCommerce Consultant
"We are coming soon to Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia!" Can't wait!
Emmanuel Peype
@commintomylife · Marketing Strategy, OnePlus
It reminds me of Cookening, launched in 2011 and purchased by VizEat. That's a good idea, however you got to tailor the experiences to your guests.