Bon Entendeur Music

Free electro mixtapes with french personalities

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Well my 🇫🇷 isn't quite up to scratch to understand everyone but you don't need to know the language to appreciate these tunes 🔊 I like mixtapes like this to have on in the background while working 😛 @andreasklinger & @rrhoover I think you'll appreciate these, get them pumping in HQ! @coco_boisseleau @benjmerritt @linardbenoit @matpreau can you give us some background around this please?
@bentossell UPDATED: This has now made it onto my Bookmarks bar, I'm in love 😍 - kudos to the team!!
Hi @Bentossell ! Thanks a lot for the support ! Nice to see that Music doesn't have any borders ! The website is specially designed to make you enjoy thes tunes all day long ! Bon Entendeur is a group of 3 friends who love music and started making mixtapes two years ago with a special signature : nice beat, smooth transitions and a French Personality ! We @grands_enfants (@matpreau, @linardbenoit & myself) like to make websites and digital experiences so we decided to Team UP to make the most of these Mixtapes. People really enjoy these mixtapes here in France but we are curious to see that it works abroad too ! French voices can be irritating sometimes ;) So the idea is one mixtape per month with sometimes special personalities resquest we just can't say no to, all for free. Feel free to ask any questions ! @coco_boissleau is the manager here, if you want a private Bon Entendeur tunes session ;) New iOS App coming soon.
They make great selections. They also have an iPhone app to download the mixtapes offline:
@siragnabih uhhhhhhh downloading now!
@bentossell @siragnabih Hi Guys. Indeed a mobile app is available on the AppStore but the v1.0 isn't really sexy. We have uploaded on the AppStore a 2.0 version few days ago which is in review currently. And the new one is definitely much better :)
@bentossell @siragnabih Let me tease you with a screenshot ;)
This is a beautiful product!